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Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011, 21:13

Looking forward to the new season...new start!

Hi Everyone!

I am Melvine Smith and I am from South-Africa. I am moving to Germany (Dueren) on the 29th of September. I have been in contact with Alexander and Dieter and will soon be a registered player for Cologne.

I am looking forward to the new challenge. I played professional rugby in South-Africa but has recently only played some club rugby.
I am very curious to hear form fellow players as to how the Rugby club life is at Cologne, how you travel to games and just the over all feeling of the club and vibe.

I'm still learning to speak German (I can understand much more at this point than speak) so please forgive me for writing in English. I can imagine that the training is going very well and the fitness is hectic. :)... I am also trying to get my fitness going so I am working hard myself.

I'm looking forward to hear from some players so I hope you find this e-mail well.

Bis bald
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Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011, 11:28

Warm Welcome

Hi Melvin,

a warm welcome to you. The Club is always delighted to host players who come from abroad playing Rugby with us (especially when they play at your level ;) ). We hope you will feel well in Germany. In case you need help or advice just drop a message here.

Thomas W.
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Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011, 18:05

Hi Thomas

Thank you for the warm welcome. You can be sure that I have alot of questions. Are you a player yourself? Are you guys training hard already?
My wife is German (Yasmin) so I normally get most of my questions answered. I would like to know though how the team travels to games esepcially when you play so far away (Munchen, Heidelberg,etc). Do you travel the day before or just early in the morning? If you play in our Super League A (our top league) then the furthest you travel within Cape Town is about 45 kilometers for a game.
I am so loking forward to playing that I can't wait for the time to pass by as quick as possible.

Hear from you soon.

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Freitag, 29. Juli 2011, 15:24

Hi Melvine,

no, I do not play anymore. I have become to old (43) and to lazy. We have an Old Boys team at the club. But I'am not to active there currently, because of work and family commitments.

There is the big summer break here at the moment. The 7s season has just ended last weekend in which the boys made it to the final tourment in Heidelberg for the german championship. Those guys who are not away for holiday now do some excercises at the club pitch on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The new 15s season will start at the first weekend in September. To the away games the team travels by bus or train early in morning of the match day. The longest trip is to Munich (600km one way). Fortunatly there is only one Munich team left in the league for next season. Heidelberg is about 3h away from Cologne. That's not to bad. The 2nd team plays in the regional league of Northrhine-Westphalia where distances are not that long. They are traveling normaly by private cars or are taking the train.

We have also a very competive womens team at the club. They won several german championships in the 7s competion.

I drope my e-mail address here for you: thomas.wisdorf(at)web.de

Let me know, if you need more information.

Please say Hello to your wife Yasmin from us.

Talk to you soon
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Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011, 16:44

Hi Thomas

Thank you so much for the nice feedback. That gives me so much insight. I will definitely stay in contact with you via e-mail. I can't wait for these 2 months to pass by so that I can be in Germany and finally play some rugby - and have some good German beer :).

I will chat to you on e-mail.

See you soon.
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Mittwoch, 3. August 2011, 22:57

Hi Melvine,
looking forward to get to know you.

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Freitag, 5. August 2011, 22:09

Hi Andy

Thank you for the reply. I must say that I am wishing the time to fly by so that I can meet everyone and get to know the rugby scene in Germany. Coming to Germany is a very big step for me and my family but it is very exiting as well.

See you soon.
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Montag, 8. August 2011, 23:18

i am from düren too

hi,my name is michael kesseler.
i played for the club for 10 years as No 8. in the 1.Team.
i am retired last season because of work and my family. i am 34 years old an i live with my wife and kids in düren.

now i start to coachn a youth selection team of nordrhein westfalen, together with dieter (you know him) and i hope that i am realy retired. there are too much injuries in my body.

i never thought, that it is so hard to retire, but beeing a coach and to work with young people is nice too.
in düren is no rugby team, but i will start with a kid rugby team in a couple of months. My sons are 4 years and 7 months old. my 4 years old son is crazy about rugby because he saw me playing since he was born. he play rugby since he is 3 years. My youngest son began after his birth.
if you need some support in düren or other informations then let me know.

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